Hewitt & Whitty SPS Pasture Sowing Guide

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For farmers wanting a high quality ryegrass based pasture in low rainfall areas of 500mm+ rainfall


  • Quick establishing
  • Early to mid maturing sub clovers for reliable regeneration the following year
  • Excellent winter/spring production
  • Safer option for grazing animals where ryegrass staggers are a problem
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A highly productive short term late maturing pasture blend for winter/spring grazings, silage and hay production.

  • High quality winter feed
  • Multiple regrowth capabilities
  • Premium quality silage or hay
  • Outstanding late season growth
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A fast establishing, highly productive and early maturing annual pasture blend suitable for winter grazing, silage and hay production.

  • Bulk autumn/winter feed
  • More protein than oats
  • Early silage or hay cut
  • Option to spring sow a summer crop
 HW Social Media Tile SPS Equiturf mix page 001  

The perennial ryegrasses in this blend have very low endophyte levels reducing the risk of health issues to horses.

  • Fast establishing
  • High winter/spring production
  • High quality silage/hay (not recommended in the first year)
 HW Social Media Tile SPS Hillside Perennial mix page 001

A phalaris based pasture that is extremely persistent once established. Suited to undulating low rainfall areas where ryegrass will not persist

- Suited to low rainfall areas (400mm+)
- Highly persistent under hard grazing
- Suited to heavy clay soils where most other grasses are held back
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A deep rooted perennial blend suited for low rainfall areas where other perennial species struggle to survive.

- Includes extremely drought tolerant & persistent grass varieties
- Recovers quickly in autumn to produce excellent quality winter/spring feed
- Ideal for low fertility sandy/clay paddocks
 Benatas purple vetch

 Benatas Purple Vetch 

Benatas is a high yielding, soft seeded vetch suited to normal vetch areas & high rainfall zones due to its late flowering & cold tolerant characteristics. Benatas can be used as pasture, hay/silage & grenn manure crop improving soil fertility with high nitrogen fixation.Ideally sown with late flowering folage oats like Targa or Carrick