Grainline Products Currently In Stock

"A combination of the record breaking 2020 harvest, the Australian Governments Instant Asset write off incentive, and a good outlook for 2021, have all contributed to such busy times and positive vibes throughout the agricultural industry. The high demand is exceeding production capacity and things aren’t slowing down as we approach the cropping season for 2021!" Grainline team.


                         HEWITT & WHITTY

                 TRANSPORTABLE AUGERS                                                 


GMP846V                  GMP1056V                  GMP1050V                            

 Grainline Transportable Augers             


                           PENCIL AUGERS

       GA416         GA420          GA516     -      GA520


2.5 Tonne (30 Bag) Feed Out Trailer including 3m x 5” Auger                

Grainline 2.5 Tonne Feed Out Trailer             

 4 Tonne (50 Bag) Feed Out Trailer including 4m x 6” Auger

 Grainline 4 Tonne Feed Out Trailer